Ice Ice Baby

Our Martin Luther King Jr. Day became an ice day thanks to Winter Storm Jupiter. It’s so strange to have such pleasant (temperature-wise) weather that leads to such bad, icy conditions.

Aaron already had the day off, and school was cancelled for all area schools, so the four of us got an extended weekend together. When I told Shepherd his preschool was cancelled, he looked at Wilder and said, “Wy Wy, it’s another weekend, except there’s no church in this weekend!” Kids are funny.

The boys played Pie Face.

iceday-1 iceday-2 iceday-3 iceday-4

And then went about their normal routines: playing with trucks, crafts, mess-and-merriment-making, snack-eating, etc.

We took a brief walk through the neighborhood. Our sidewalks were terribly icy despite the fact that it’s pretty warm. If temperatures get too cold tonight, we’ll have a real mess on our hands, as it’s been raining off and on since yesterday.

iceday-5 iceday-6 iceday-7 iceday-8 iceday-9 iceday-10 iceday-11 iceday-12 iceday-13 iceday-14 iceday-15 iceday-16 iceday-17 iceday-18

Ice is so pretty to photograph—as long as you have shoes with good grips!


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