A Day At The Zoo

What to do on a lovely, temperate February day? Head to the zoo. We are so lucky to live just a quick trip away from Henry Doorly Zoothe best zoo in the world, so this morning we packed lunches, coats, and a camera and headed to Omaha.



The jungle was our first stop (before lunch). It was hot and humid in the jungle, which was nice; when we got to the zoo, it was pretty chilly and windy, and we were apprehensive about how the weather might turn out.

Thankfully, by the time we finished our tour through the jungle, it was beautiful outside and we ate our sandwiches at the picnic tables. We then went to see the cats and monkeys. Then, we headed to the African Grasslands. We’d not been to the new area, and it was fantastic.

The boys had a blast at the African Lions exhibit. The lions were amazing. The safari vehicles (and helicopter) were enjoyed by all. Including me—I’ll take that green Land Rover.


Then we went to see the elephants and giraffes, which were inside this afternoon. We headed inside to the aquarium to see the penguins—both boys were so thrilled. Shepherd just finished a penguin unit at preschool, and he was overjoyed to see the birds walking and swimming just a few inches away from him. He did, however, prefer the puffins to the penguins. (Wilder liked the penguins best.)

Then, we headed to the desert dome for our last exhibit of the day.


The desert was my favorite exhibit this time—the colors and the warmth were just what I was craving. And the light was pretty, as it was getting close to 5 p.m., and the sun was starting to descend.


We spent six hours at the zoo today, and we still have so much we didn’t get to see! The boys are at a perfect age to really enjoy learning about the animals, and I’m excited we’ll be able to visit frequently thanks to a family membership we got for Christmas.

If you’re in Omaha and looking for an awesome stop, head to Henry Doorly Zoo. I’m not a big zoo person at all, yet I always enjoy my time here immensely.


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