Five Years Old


My baby turned five years old today.

My sweet Shepherd, my oldest son, where has the time gone?


Shepherd loves garbage trucks. On Monday mornings, our garbage truck and recycling truck come one after another past our house. Aaron and I were pretty excited that Shepherd’s birthday fell on a Monday this year—he not only got to watch the trucks come by; he got to help the crew by pulling the lever (the “activate level,” he calls it) and watch it crush the trash. Our wonderful garbage men are so kind, and it meant the world to Shepherd to be able to help them.

I had the day off thanks to Presidents Day, and Aaron took some comp time, so we got to have an extra long weekend. Aaron made pancakes for breakfast, and then we headed to the Lincoln Children’s Museum.

Sheppy’s been asking to go for weeks, and we promised today would be the day. Silly me… I forgot to check the hours, and usually, the museum is closed on Monday. (Insert panic emoji here.) However, since Lincoln Public Schools were closed today, the museum was open! Hooray!

Then, we headed to Honest Abe’s for hamburgers (Shepherd’s request—but I was more than happy to comply).

Afterward, we headed home for naps (for the boys—all three of them) and baking birthday cupcakes for me. Shepherd requested lemon cake, but I wanted to expedite the process and made cupcakes instead. Note to self: Next year, clear any deviations from the birthday plan with Shepherd. He was expecting a cake and was a bit hesitant when I told him we were having cupcakes instead until I told him he would still get candles. Then I couldn’t find the candles, except for a giant five we had saved from Aaron’s 25th birthday. This was OK… Shepherd was thrilled that it was big and sparkly.


Sheppy was spoiled. His favorite gift (which he chose two days ago) was a new garbage truck. He loved them all, though… we’re lucky to have such wonderful family who are so generous with our children.

At one point, Shepherd told me “I wish I could get a present from my friends.” Meaning: I wish I had friends to enjoy this with. I went back and forth about throwing a big birthday party with his classmates this year, but I ultimately decided to keep it small until next year. He only mentioned it once, and when I reminded him he could tell everyone about his day tomorrow at school, he was happy.

I have more photos to share, but I am tired tonight… more soon.

Happy fifth birthday to my sweet, tenderhearted, curious big boy. I am so thankful I get to be your mommy! 


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