We had quite a bit of snow leftover from Christmas break, and the boys were excited to play in it last week. Toby was excited to lie in a nice, warm bed (ours) and growl when we tried to move him—typical.


This little ham, in his all-black snow gear, makes me chuckle. He turned four in December, but he still seems like my baby boy. He’s really into puzzles right now, putting them together over and over again. This weekend we might see if we can find some new ones for him.


Shepherd and the big snow shovel. His shovel broke, so he’s been improvising with our good one until we can find another child-size one for him.


The chickens—LJ, Pearl, and Pom Pom—survived over Christmas break, when it was harrowingly cold. Their coop looks pretty janky with the tarps and straw, but it at least offers them some protection from the wind and negative temperatures. We added another layer of tarps on the back and sides where the nesting boxes are. You can see the gaps in the pictures below—those are covered now, too, to keep any drafts from coming in. I’m already thinking about how we can modify the coop for next winter.



Yep, more pictures of my baby. He’s never met an audience he didn’t like. 🙂


It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to spend much time outside over the next week—temperatures will be frigid this weekend, and we’ve all got coughs and sore throats.

As much as the cold winter seems to drag on, I love it for one reason: the barren branches mean we got a lot of bright light in our house. When snow’s on the ground, it reflects even brighter, and the house seems so happy. It’s nice, especially after Christmas, when all the decorations are taken down and the house feels empty and darker (without the lights from the tree).




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