Hey! I’m Emily, and this is my digital archive of inspiration, thoughts, and daily life with my growing family. I’m married to Aaron, and we have two little boys named Shepherd and John Wilder.

Want to know more? In no order… I’m a wife; work-at-home-mama; a lover of the Nebraska Cornhuskers; a believer in Jesus Christ; an aspiring photographer; an observer, writer, and editor; a road tripper; a homebody; a lover of holidays; and fan of a hot (yes!) Dr. Pepper and an ice cold sweet tea/lemonade split. I am a native Texan with whose heart (and current home) is in The Good Life.

I love learning about almost everything, and you’ll find this website is my repository for storing memories as well as dreams about the future. We’re happy to be able to share parts of our life with you. Thanks for reading and being part of our journey! Anything else you want to know about? Just ask!


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  1. I found from a google search your picture of the little tikes sports coupe and that you found replacement wheels. We have the same one and it was such a hit for our kids and now our grand kids but the wheels are splitting. Where did you get replacement wheels? I am excited for it to last another 20+ years as you say!

    1. Hi Ann! That picture was from about five years ago, and at the time, you could find the wheels directly from Little Tykes. I’m not sure if they still offer them, but it’s worth checking them out! Hope that helps!

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