We had quite a bit of snow leftover from Christmas break, and the boys were excited to play in it last week. Toby was excited to lie in a nice, warm bed (ours) and growl when we tried to move him—typical.


This little ham, in his all-black snow gear, makes me chuckle. He turned four in December, but he still seems like my baby boy. He’s really into puzzles right now, putting them together over and over again. This weekend we might see if we can find some new ones for him.

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Christmas House 2017

I think the magical weeks between Thanksgiving and Epiphany are my favorite at our house, because it is when we our home is “dressed up” for Advent and Christmastide. Each year, after decorating, I try to take photos of our house that particular year. Here’s a look through our front door at our home this Christmas season.


You can look back at our houses at Christmastime through the years here:

Pumpkin Carving

Meet Jack and Vampire-Teeth-Out, our Jack-O-Lanterns for this year. Shepherd drew Jack’s face, and Wilder imagined Vampires (with Dad’s help). I managed to get another picture of the boys on our front porch with the pumpkins—one of my favorite annual traditions. (Shepherd’s wearing last year’s shirt–and you can probably tell by how small it is!)